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Staging Requirements for The Drivin’ Dynamics (Effective May 1, 2002)

Stage: The stage dimensions must be at least 16 feet wide by 12 feet deep. This stage must be sturdy, level, clean and free of all debris.

FOH Speakers: An open space must be provided on both sides of the stage for front of house speakers. This space must be at least 6 feet in front and 6 feet to the side of the stage.

Power: A 4-wire electrical outlet capable of providing 220 volts AC (see picture below) must be located within 20 feet of the stage. This outlet must be connected to a 50 amp. breaker.



If you have any questions concerning the suitability of power at your venue, you will need to contact The Dynamics ahead of time to verify that your electrical supply will be adequate. If upon arrival at your venue, The Dynamics determine that the power supply is inadequate in any way, you must provide (at your own expense) a licensed electrician to remedy the situation.